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Warner Brothers Studio Hollywood Tickets


See “Behind-the-scenes” and “into-the-scenes” of your favorite shows and movies at the world’s busiest motion picture and television studio.

Guests of the Warner Brothers Tour are offered a rare and intimate glimpse into real Hollywood at work. This ain’t no theme park!

The 3 hour tour via carts takes you through back lot streets, sound stages, sets and craft shops.

No two tours are alike and guides take you to where the action is: walk on to the set of a hit television show, watch as Foley artists create sound effects for movies, see how sets are constructed, peruse over 10 million items in the prop department, see your favorite vehicles from film and television up close, and the list goes on. But always, always be on the lookout for a star as production is happening all around.

We have found 6 ticket options for you!